Hello! I'm JP Madrigal. I'm 1/4 of a century year old. I have a degree in Information Technology. I'm interested in building things that's why I end up being a programmer. I'm excited when I like what I'm doing specially if i'm building an Application from scratch.

I'm a programmer since 2012 and I know how to use CMS like WordPress and Languages like PHP, JAVA and JAVASCRIPT and also I know how to use HTML and CSS. Last 2018, I decided to learn React and right now i'm currently a React Developer and I love everything about it.

I'm planning to start my YouTube channel where i'm going to teach aspiring programmers what and how would it be to be a programmer. I'm a homebased worker because I don't want to live in a city where there's so many pollution because I love nature. When i'm in nature, I feel alive, I feel happy and I really feel good about everything.

I also love learning things about Science, reading books about Politics and Business. Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and Nikola Tesla are my heroes.

I love technology, that's why my biggest dream is to build things that will help people for their daily lives, I want to change the world and I don't want die leaving the earth the same as I found it.